Sarah Wawrzaszek

4-Day AM, Junior Kindergarten Teacher

My first year as a Camp Sunshine teacher proved to be such an influential moment for me. I observed many eye-opening interactions between teachers and students. The ways in which teachers worked and communicated with one another and children — providing a nurturing and supportive environment. I left feeling fulfilled and couldn't wait to come back!   Since that first year, that feeling of fulfillment and excitement has never left. Being surround by so many personalities, a refreshing sense of wonder, and enthusiasm — every day is similar and yet so different.   Children help me look at the world and each interaction I have in new ways, and from different perspectives. They remind me that life is hard work, but can also be very fun.

Credentials: Loyola University: BA in Elementary Education University of Illinois at Chicago
NAECY Icon Member
Sarah's book pick: Little by Little by Amber Stewart

Quotes from Our Park West Family

"Park West will give you an amazing understanding of childhood education that you won't get anywhere else. The faculty, the classrooms, Jane. It's a special place, and you'll be a better parent for going there."

—KK Neilsen C., former parent