Sarah Wawrzaszek

4-Day AM, Junior Kindergarten Teacher

My first year as a Camp Sunshine teacher proved to be such an influential moment for me. I observed many eye-opening interactions between teachers and students. The ways in which teachers worked and communicated with one another and children — providing a nurturing and supportive environment. I left feeling fulfilled and couldn't wait to come back!   Since that first year, that feeling of fulfillment and excitement has never left. Being surround by so many personalities, a refreshing sense of wonder, and enthusiasm — every day is similar and yet so different.   Children help me look at the world and each interaction I have in new ways, and from different perspectives. They remind me that life is hard work, but can also be very fun.

Credentials: Loyola University: BA in Elementary Education University of Illinois at Chicago
NAECY Icon Member
Sarah's book pick: Little by Little by Amber Stewart

Quotes from Our Park West Family

"On the weekend, I couldn't wait to go back. I wish I could spend my whole life there."

—Andy W., former student