What is a Cooperative?

As a member of the Park West Cooperative Nursery School, parents have the unique opportunity to be an integral part of their child's development outside of the home. For most children, starting school is their first interaction with a larger group of non-family members. Being part of a cooperative allows parents to be involved with the teachers and children that influence their child's development during this early stage of his/her life.

While assisting in the classroom, each parent has the opportunity to observe trained individuals handle learning opportunities — whether it involves the negotiation of a dispute, the decision making process of choosing a group activity or the observation of a new discovery.

Since each family is responsible for the overall management of the school, parents have an enormous opportunity to contribute new ideas, vote on policy decisions and partake in a community working together for a common purpose.

Specific requirements for all parents are three-fold: assisting in the classrooms on a rotating basis (except junior kindergarten, which is non-assisting), serving on a committee or the board of directors of the school and contributing to the school's annual fundraising.

Park West Cooperative's sense of community extends for many years beyond preschool. We hope that parents actively choose Park West because of the opportunity to truly get involved in their child's education and to be connected to a unique group of families.

Quotes from Our Park West Family

"Their activities promote language, social, and math skills, but are truly play-based, so the kids love it."

—Audi M., former parent