Our mission

Park West’s mission is to respect children as growing individuals, provide support and varied opportunities to further their thinking, and help them develop a love of learning. We want to meet each child, and each family, where they are, and to foster a community within which optimal growth and learning can take place.

We aim to do this by:

  • Creating an emotionally secure environment with trusted teachers to guide, collaborate, and help extend each child’s thinking.
  • Offering a climate of mutual respect in which children are taken seriously and where children are allowed the chance to formulate, express and try out their ideas.
  • Providing opportunities to learn about the arts, science, numbers and literacy, in meaningful ways through our play-based curriculum.
  • Incorporating parents into daily school life as they assist in the classroom and perform the functions of our co-op.
  • Refining and extending our own thinking around early childhood education ideas by studying, deliberating and discussing the theories we actively apply in our classrooms.

Quotes from Our Park West Family

"I knew I would see my children make friends, but I had no idea how close and long-lasting the friendships would be."

—Audrey W., former parent