Auction Item Donations

Thank you for your generous donation to our annual auction!

Every year, Park West Cooperative’s Special Events Committee is responsible for leading the school’s fundraising efforts. Our goal this year is to raise $100,000. As with most schools, tuition alone does not cover operating costs that include staff compensation, classroom equipment, supplies, rent, repairs, insurance and financial aid. Fundraising is necessary to bridge the gap between the school’s tuition income and its expenses.

To help offset these costs, we rely heavily on our silent and live auctions held annually during our gala. All items appearing in these auctions are donated either by parents or local businesses (usually via parent or committee solicitation). We ask each family to contribute two auction items (with at least one item valuing $150 or more), or one auction item and purchase a Fund-a-Need request. Fund-a-Need requests are items that the Park West faculty has requested for the classroom or large motor space. These items will be available for purchase through the office. (Past examples of Fund-a-Need items have included new classroom rugs, pitchers for snack and tricycles.) Fund-a-Need purchases are 100% tax deductible.

If you are a parent or business prepared to donate an auction item, please click the button above to submit information regarding your item via our “Auction Donation Form.” We will use this information to promote your item and for auditing purposes. Please complete a separate form submission for each item you are donating.

What types of auction items are we looking for?

The best items are those that would be difficult for someone to go out and purchase on his/her own. For parents soliciting items, we suggest leveraging personal connections. While we are certainly appreciative of any donation received, note that gift certificates generally garner less return than unique bundles and sporting tickets. We challenge you to be creative, and new ideas are always encouraged!

When can I donate items?

We’ll take donations year round! However, if you are looking for your item to appear in the same school year’s auction, it will need to be submitted by December 2nd.

How much should the auction item be worth?

Values can vary. We encourage auction item values to range from $50 to $6,000+. For each Park West family, at least one item solicited/donated must reach the $150 threshold.

Quotes from Our Park West Family

"When I meet prospective parents, I always say how life changing the school is."

—Susan K., former parent