Junior Kindergarten (JK)


Time: 1:15 – 4:15pm

6:1 child/adult ratio

Born before or on September 1, 2016

All Junior Kindergarten (JK) children are four and most have been in group settings, so their focus is less on separation and more on social connections. Communication and negotiation skills necessary to successfully navigate friendships and work in larger groups are supported and modeled by teachers, while acknowledging each child’s increasing sense of individual identity.

Children’s ideas and suggestions inform group-time content and classroom activities, and children feel a strong sense of classroom ownership as they contribute to group decision-making. They may vote or take surveys, create classroom calendars and daily snack menus, take turns as leader, and sustain attention during a daily focused table time.

Children in JK can extend familiar activities, play increasingly difficult games, and create and sustain complex fantasy play scenarios. They incorporate literacy into every aspect of the classroom, making signs, books and letters, creating and using sign-up lists, group time agendas and journals. Children also gain math skills and explore numeracy through the use of board games, tallying votes, keeping scores, measuring, and other activities intrinsic to the classroom.

Still very much a nursery school program, our JK classes offer meaningful, age appropriate experiences which prepare children for meeting the challenges of Kindergarten the following year.

Quotes from Our Park West Family

"Their activities promote language, social, and math skills, but are truly play-based, so the kids love it."

—Audi M., former parent