Class Offerings

Facilitating expression and development

Our teachers take children and their ideas seriously so they can develop at their own pace with confidence.

Informed by the works of Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky, John Dewey, and Reggio Emilia, our play-based curriculum is designed to challenge every student to develop according to their own abilities and interests.

We work to build relationships with children and families based on trust and mutual respect. Every part of the day provides opportunities for children to discover their own resources and develop autonomy, from serving themselves at snack to choosing activities during free play.

Our expert teachers create a variety of play situations, encourage trial and error explorations, and strive to ask questions that stimulate thinking and build understanding. They act as mentors and co-constructors of knowledge, building a sense that each member of the group has a voice and should be heard.

Our teachers also encourage children to widen their world-view by promoting an exchange of ideas. Through collaboration and working within a group, children will learn how they affect one another and how to balance their needs with those of others.

Providing emotional support

Designed to help younger toddlers become comfortable with a school environment, our Parent/Toddler Program uses the security that comes from having a familiar adult nearby to ease the transition.

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Expanding their knowledge

Our Nursery School Program uses a play-based curriculum to help children at any stage of development gain skills and grow their understanding of the world around them. As students advance to Junior Kindergarten, classes increase independence and prepare children for Kindergarten by incorporating more complex projects, longer group times, and more literacy and numeracy exposure.

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Quotes from Our Park West Family

"They say 'we take children and their ideas seriously,' and they really do."

—Aileen S., former parent