Parent/Toddler Program

Parent/Toddler I Class - child must have been born by or on March 1, 2019
Parent/Toddler II Class - child must have been born by or on September 1, 2018

Help your toddler adjust to the school environment by being there for them with our Parent-Toddler Program.

Our Parent-Toddler Program is designed to help children become familiar with a classroom environment while being accompanied by a parent or other trusted adult.

Throughout their time in the classroom, the child's parent or support person, such as a grandparent or caregiver, is present to share activities and guide the child. Toddlers are tactile explorers, and our hands-on program allows children and their adults to explore materials, navigate throughout the classroom, and participate in the activities led by their teachers.

Park West Cooperative currently offers two Parent-Toddler classes, each with sixteen children and two teachers. Parents provide emotional support to their children as they explore classroom activities and socialization. Parent-Toddler classes are held in our well-equipped Nursery School classrooms and our 5,000 square foot gym.

Please note that participation in Parent-Toddler I does not give students priority for admissions to Parent-Toddler II; however, participation in Parent-Toddler II or our Nursery School program does provide priority status for admissions into our Nursery School program. Learn more about our Parent-Toddler Program and how parents help in the classroom.

Quotes from Our Park West Family

"They say 'we take children and their ideas seriously,' and they really do."

—Aileen S., former parent