Katrina Nousaine Mann

3-Day AM & 3-Day PM Teacher

When I first discovered Park West, I was working in a well-respected suburban public preschool program. Some of their practices and beliefs about children and families weren't in keeping with my own, and while discussing my concerns with a friend, she told me how much she liked Park West, where her children were enrolled. I set up a time to obverse a class and was immediately impressed by the program. After meeting with the director I was offered a camp counselor position, and by the end of that summer, I was asked to be a Junior Kindergarten Assistant. The attitude and approach of the staff embodies everything I think a preschool should be. Individual differences are respected; there's a genuine desire to know and understand children; and families, who are recognized as playing an integral part in the development of their children, take part in the school experience. The school's culture of reflection is evident and ensures that everyone is continually engaged in the process of teaching and learning. Finally finding all of that in one place, and consistently seeing it in practice, was and is so reassuring and inspiring to me as a parent and teacher that I'm happy and honored to be involved at Park West in any way.

Credentials: Erikson Institute: MS in Early Childhood Education
Katrina Nousaine's book pick: The School for Cats by Ester Averill

Quotes from Our Park West Family

"Their activities promote language, social, and math skills, but are truly play-based, so the kids love it."

—Audi M., former parent