Amanda Ott

2-Day AM, 3-Day AM, 3-Day PM Assistant Teacher

While I am not a PW alum and am the newest member of the staff, Park West has been a part of my life for some time, and I'm nothing but smiles to finally be a part of the magic myself. My younger brother and a number of cousins all attended Park West, and Melinda is my grandma, so I've known about the school for as long as I can remember. Between being a Camp Sunshine counselor, helping out in the office and studying education, it's always been a goal to join the PW family — because it was the first place which showed me the deeply meaningful work children and teachers can do together. So when the opportunity came, I jumped at the chance! Although my time at Park West is really just beginning, I'm already seeing and enjoying the positive impact my new role is having on me. The warmth you feel while there, the relationships you form, and the laughs we all share — it's heart-stirring and inspiring.

Credentials: Knox College: BA in Elementary Education
Amanda's book pick: The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds

Quotes from Our Park West Family

"I knew I would see my children make friends, but I had no idea how close and long-lasting the friendships would be."

—Audrey W., former parent