3 Day Afternoon (3PM)


Time: 1:15 – 4:00pm*

*3:30pm dismissal in Sept. and Oct.

4.5:1 child/adult ratio

Born before or on

November 1, 2017

In our 3 day afternoon class three teachers offer support to children who are usually new to the school environment. Most children have already given up their nap, but during the first two months there is a slightly earlier dismissal time so that children can gradually adjust.

Teachers spend considerable time establishing routines and procedures and familiarizing the students with their teachers and one another. Teachers focus on Separation by building relationships with children and their families and encouraging children to express their emotions in constructive ways. Parents should expect to arrange for a support person to accompany their child for at least the first few weeks of class.

Many children are initially focused on the teachers and materials and only gradually branch out from parallel play to engage with their peers. Teachers model appropriate ways to ask and wait for turns. They may introduce sign up lists to offer practice with name recognition and promote early writing skills.

In time, students may become more interested in interactions with other students. To promote these connections and sustain interactive play, our teachers help children explore and express their emotions, and encourage communication to ensure a safe and collaborative environment for the children as they branch out.

Quotes from Our Park West Family

"They say 'we take children and their ideas seriously,' and they really do."

—Aileen S., former parent